Sunshine | Handcrafted Necktie

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Shine some light with this bright floral tie. Handstitched, crafted, and made specificly for you. As we always say, these ties are one of a kind every time. Enjoy a classy, bright style!

Tie is hand stitched, making it much stronger than any other store bought tie. Made with 100% cotton, it has a weight to it that feels good in your hand and around your neck. We found the perfect balance between lightweight and heavyweight.

Length is 60 inches, making it longer than normal ties but not by much. Meaning it works great for those who are taller. Not to worry for those shorter however! At this length, the tie is still found to be a perfect fit when tied!

Width is around 2 inches. Again, the perfect width. Not to fat, not to skinny. Just right!

Tie will be feel stiff at first, but after a couple of uses it will loosen up nicely.

Tie can be worn at any event. If you want to look good, wear this tie!

Tie is washable and made to last.

If any seam, stitch or any part of the tie rips, please contact us and we will gladly fix it! You are investing in a good look, for a lifetime.
However, a tear in th fabric itself can not be fixed. The fabric used is one of a kind, and will likely be out of stock by the time it tears!