About Us


Hi there! We are the small group of people that make up 2020Ties. Each of us work in our respective capacities to ensure that from your experience on our website to wearing your tie for the first time, exceeds all you expectations!

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to supply men every where with high quality, attractive neckties. We aim to help boost the confidence and self-esteem of any body who follows our brand. Furthermore, we hope to give wedding parties more creative freedom as they have the option to customize their ties to their exact liking.

The Team:

Founder/CEO: Ethan Gibson

What's up! My name is Ethan! I have always had a dream to start and manage my own company/brand. And so, I started 2020Ties as a way to make my dream a reality! I'm only 21, but am determined to make a name for myself! Being a young entrepreneur isn't the easiest thing, but for me it sure beats going to school. Each day I work on 2020Ties and love every minute of it!
I want to tell you a little more about the story behind it all. Serving as a missionary from 2018-2020, I wore a necktie each day. I soon realized that most ties on the market today are not only boring in design, but also easily fall apart. So much so, I never was excited to get a new tie because I was all to familiar with a tie's short lived life-span! In an effort to make ties attractive and durable, I learned how to make my own ties. For 2 years I designed and made tie after tie. It wasn't until I got home from my missionary service, that I saw the potential for a business. And so, 2020Ties was born! To give others that same experience with their ties! Ties that look good and will last!
Nowadays, I do not have time to make each and every tie. However with the help of 2 amazing seamstresses, your tie is handcrafted beautifully. And trust me, the ties they make are so much better than any tie I ever made! Plus they are made locally! It's a win-win! Each day proves to be harder than the one before. Through the myriad of struggles that I have, working on 2020Ties is much more than just a business. It has become a creative outlet for me, and gives me hope for better days to come. I hope to give that same inspiration to everyone who follows me on this journey. Thank you for being here!